Gene and cell engineering

Our Technology

We focus on gene editing using our RITDM™ technology and gene repression through our T-LOCK™ technology. We make gene editing and gene regulation safe enough that it can be used for a wide range of therapeutic applications.


RITDM™ gene editing technology

Our RITDM™ (Recombination Induced Template-driven DNA Modification) technology is an innovative way of gene-editing that mimic cellular processes in which single stranded genomic DNA is generated. The exposed DNA is then used to make the desired DNA change. A major benefit of our technology is that gene editing can occur without DNA breaks that activate Non-homologous End Joining, significantly reducing the risk of unintended changes in the genome.

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Gene repression

T-LOCK™ gene repression technology

Our gene repression technology works by directly interacting with the gene that needs to be repressed or silenced. By directly binding to the gene involved, we can prevent the gene from being transcribed.

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We are excited to work with strategic partners that want to use our gene editing and gene regulating technologies in developing novel human therapies.

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