Thoughtful innovations, changing lives.

At PeterBio we apply our breakthrough technologies to develop therapies that change people's lives.

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At PeterBio we develop innovative gene and cell therapies to help overcome genetic diseases. We focus on treatments that are safe and effective. Our priority is to help as many people as possible.

Our technology

Gene and cell engineering

Our focus is on gene editing. We have developed a breakthrough gene editing technology with a strong safety profile and applicability for repeat dosing: RITDM™ 2.0

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Therapeutic focus areas

Our current priority is gene correction. Benefiting from our enhanced safety profile, we not only look at acute life-threatening diseases, but also develop approaches for more chronic diseases that have a strong genetic component, such as Metabolic Disorders, Sickle Cell Disease, Duchenne Muscle Dystrophy and oncology.

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PeterBio to present at Meeting on the Med on April 12, 2023
PeterBio to present RITDM 2.0 at Meeting on the Med...
Scientific Publication in Molecular Therapy
Scientific publication in Molecular Therapy on RITDM gene editing technology ...
Dirk Hondmann PhD joins PeterBio as CEO
Dirk Hondmann PhD joins PeterBio as CEO...

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