PeterBio to present at Meeting on the Med on April 12, 2023

Dirk Hondmann, CEO of PeterBio, will present RITDM 2.0, the latest version of its cleavage free gene-editing technology, at the upcoming Cell & Gene Meeting on the Med

March 03, 2023

PeterBio has developed RITDM 2.0: an innovative way of gene editing combining human zinc finger arrays with a human helicase betawing. The helicase betawing opens the DNA helix without causing any DNA breaks at the target site. When the DNA helix has opened up, the exposed short stretches of single stranded DNA can be edited using a complementary correction template. The cells own mismatch repair processes can then be used to generate cells with the desired DNA change. This is a very specific, safe and effective way of gene editing, and by using protein fragments that are present in human cells we aim to minimize immune reactions. This gives us the potential to develop therapies treating patients at multiple ages and stages.

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