Meet the Team

Chenzhong Kuang

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Chenzhong Kuang is the Chief Scientific Officer at PeterBio. Dr. Kuang has more than 15-year of experience in scientific research, discovery and innovation. Throughout his career he has held several research and R&D leadership roles, with a particular focus in the fields of molecular biology, genome editing and neuroscience.

Prior to joining PeterBio Dr. Kuang was principle scientist in the Discovery department of Mead Johnson. Chenzhong was instrumental in developing internal and external research programs, with a special emphasis on early brain development. His responsibilities included the supervision of a number of high-profile external R&D collaboration projects. In his work he was able to bring various molecular biological and cell biological approaches to the field of pediatric brain development, which resulted both in the generation of an IP portfolio as well as the identification of functional and nutritional ingredients beneficial for early brain development, a number of which have been integrated in products innovations launched in the marketplace.

Dr. Kuang combines a strong ability of developing new molecular and cell biological approaches with a goal-oriented, applied mindset.  He enjoys operating at the leading edge of scientific developments while at the same time being focused on achieving milestones important for technology development and IP generation.

Dr. Kuang holds a Ph.D. in Medial and Molecular Genetics from Indiana University and M.D. in Endocrinology from Tianjin Medical University.


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