Meet the Team

Yan Xiao

Senior Vice President Discovery

Dr. Yan Xiao is the Senior Vice President of Discovery at PeterBio. Dr. Xiao has more than 20 years of scientific discovery and development experience in cellular and molecular biology, cell engineering and medicine. She holds a MD in Endocrinology from Tianjin Medical University.

Prior to joining PeterBio, Dr. Xiao worked as senior discovery scientist at Mead Johnson, where she led the development of new technologies for functional ingredient discovery in the early brain development program. Yan developed a number of novel approaches, including the deployment of various stem cell technologies, which have resulted in the generation of various patents and the identification of components important for brain development. Dr. Xiao combines scientific and experimental rigor with an interest in developing and applying truly inventive molecular biological techniques to fields important for human health.

At PeterBio Dr. Xiao has been key in the development of the RITDM genome editing technology, and she leads the gene targeting and cellular engineering programs.

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